Help Using Yibba

To play the games simply visit the homepage at

Should you experience any issues accessing the games, first check that you are using an up-to-date browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox which will by default automatically have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed.

Yibba will run best on newer (desktop / laptop) computers, especially those with wide-screen, high resolution displays. Because of issues around differing technologies and user input methods, the games offered by Yibba may vary across devices, and users may notice significant differences in content and experience between desktop computers and handheld mobile devices.

Happy playing!

Your Safety

The internet provides some amazing experiences, but it is a largely unregulated environment, and this naturally presents some issues regarding user safety. Yibba is a general audience website, which appeals to users of both genders, all ages, and many nationalities. Some users (depending on age, internet experience, and other factors) will be more vulnerable than others, and so it is important to know about the features - and perhaps more importantly, the absence of features - which help make Yibba a safer place to play.

Yibba very rarely communicates directly with users, but much more importantly, Yibba does not facilitate communication between users. There are no forums or chat rooms on Yibba, and this is instrumental in preventing inappropriate contact and bullying.

The games on Yibba have been systematically checked to ensure that they are appropriate for the various demographic groups which are likely to play them. While it can't be said that none of the games feature violence (potentially, even Pac Man may be considered violent), we have tried to keep the content made available on Yibba consistent with what would normally be regarded as reasonable to show on a television channel throughout a typical daytime schedule. We have worked hard to ensure that players on Yibba are not inappropriately exposed to bad language, overtly sexual themes or imagery, references to illegal drug use, scenarios or characters glorifying drinking, smoking, or gambling, or depictions of extreme violence and gore. Users should be aware that the games made available to users on Yibba may vary according to the browser used, the geo location of the user, the time of day the site is being accessed, and other factors.

Your Privacy

The privacy of users is extremely important to us. Below you will find information detailing the types of data received and collected by Yibba and other parties, and how it is used.

Log Files: As with all websites, Yibba's servers record details of which files are accessed, along with data such as the time the request was made and the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the user. Although each computer may have a unique IP address, this identifier is never linked to any personal information such as the name or street address of the user. Log files have been used universally since the dawn of the internet and are invaluable in identifying errors with web pages and, in the case of Yibba, with the games. Our servers are set to keep daily log files for a maximum of one month, after which they are permanently deleted.

Cookies / Flash Shared Objects: To help provide an enhanced user experience, browsers allow websites to store small amounts of data on users' computers. This information is stored in the form of small text files called 'cookies' or, in the case of some of the games on Yibba, in 'Flash Shared Objects'. Examples of the information stored might include the number of games a user has played, the country the user is in (as taken from the user's IP address), and the level progress made on a game. Unless a user specifically enters personal data, no data stored is personally identifiable. You can at any time delete the cookies your computer holds - just check your browser's privacy settings. You can manage your computer's use of Flash Shared Objects by right-clicking on any Flash game and selecting 'Global Settings...'and then 'Local Stortage Settings by Site...'.

Tracking: Sometimes our menu system and the games on Yibba may send information to third-party tracking / analytics services. The information collected (while never personally identifiable) is important, for example, in indentifying issues with the games or site navigation, and providing general insights into visitor numbers etc.

Advertising Networks: Keeping a popular website up and running can be expensive, and so sometimes we show advertisements which help generate income. The ads are typically served by third party ad networks, and although we try hard to ensure that the companies advertising are reliable and honest, the reality of the internet is that our influence over the ever-changing offerings of these networks is limited. Ad networks will typically show ads based on the kind of users they expect to be playing on Yibba, and as described above, may store small amounts of data on a user's computer. This information, which is never personally identifiable, may help advertisers target an individual user based on their visit to Yibba and other sites and pages they have viewed in the past. The use of cookies by advertising networks is only done so where the law in the users' country permits this. Users everywhere are now given greater control than ever over how ad networks use their data, and you may opt out of the cookie / retargeting functions of many of these networks if you so wish.

This page was created or last modified on 24th May 2018.